22nd Century Self-Discipline: Delete Distractions From Your Life Like the Sickening Viruses They Are


Somewhere in the multiverse a future version of you made all the best choices. They never wasted time. They only ate the healthiest food. That version become a millionaire before even graduating high school.

They invested all that wealth back into themselves and became as close to perfect as possible. Every skill you ever wanted to learn. They learned it. Every fantasy you’ve ever had. They did it! Their routines aren’t sacrifices at all. The ideal version of you happily focuses on accomplishing any goal and ignores distractions when necessary.

Imagine that future & ideal version of you getting a chance to peek through the multiverse and back in time. Hoping to find another enlightened warrior changing the world… Would he be disappointed to see you and observe how you spend your day?

He desperately tries to send you a message to change your shitty behavior. But the messages are intercepted by poor habits.

He tries to yell at you, “Take a shower and go to work!” But the urge to keep binge watching your favorite show and munching on Cheetos shouts even louder.

Is it too late?

Or are you willing to listen to what he has to say?

Message 1: You Are What You Repeat

You are a collection of habits. Every time you go to the gym you reinforce a belief you are concerned about your health and physique. If you spend all your free time consuming entertainment then that becomes who you are too. If you really wanted to be successful you would work on Goal Setting. By having an effective plan, and working to complete your goals you build a solid belief in your potential.

Not only your everyday behavior, but also your thoughts and emotions determine who you become. Negative thoughts often echo in your mind only because you’ve thought them before. By accepting your daily habits you show yourself exactly who you want to be.

Spend a day consciously questioning every thought, action and feeling. Ask yourself, “does this help me become who I want to be?” When the thought or behavior doesn’t help you enough, cut it out. 

Excellence is not luck or talent. It comes from developing excellent habits. You become what you repeatedly do. If you want to become excellent then repeat excellent behavior daily. Be mindful of your habits and create them intentionally.

habits distractions

Message 2: Start With Your Morning Routine

From the moment you wake up have the entire day already planned. Instead of suffering from decision fatigue you can start crushing your goals instead of wasting time. If you’ve already decided to work on an important task instead of playing video games it makes it a lot easier to get started.

Drink water in the morning. Do you know about 75% of Americans are dehydrated!? Your brain needs water to function properly! Next, do several activities that you can commit to each morning and also enjoy. Such as yoga, meditation, shadowboxing, memorizing foreign language vocabulary, or challenging yourself on a word puzzle.

The goal is to develop a morning routine that helps you look forward to waking up in the morning, and also helps you focus your mind on important tasks instead of giving in to distractions.

With your morning routine finished, take a look at your to do list and get started. For the first few days it’s okay to try to do too much. Scale down the tasks over the next few weeks and you will still be amazed at what you can accomplish every day.

morning routine

Message 3: Welcome State Changes And Ignore Distractions

Have you noticed that in the morning you hate to get out of bed, but at night you are reluctant to get in bed? Why is that? It’s because we usually don’t like state changes. Whatever state you are in seems comfortable to you. In the morning the bed is warm and feels great. But a few hours later you will be focused on distractions far more engaging than the comfort of your bed.

We naturally resist when state changes endanger our comfort. For example, if you’ve turned the heat on in your room, then going outside on a cold winter day could seem like a chore. But the truth is, there are many people who live without internal heating. They are used to cold. So they don’t fear it as much as you do.

When you are spending a whole day playing a video game it can feel great. It’s really comfortable and easy to keep doing the same activity. In the back of your mind you know you have a lot to work on, but just keep procrastinating. In order to maintain that comfort state you are actually sacrificing a lot.

To remedy this, train yourself to welcome state changes. Remind yourself not to resist changes in your comfortable state. With practice it will become easier to put down that video game controller and focus on something more productive. Remember you are what you repeat. When you repeat accepting state changes, then you can build a habit of focusing on future rewards instead of struggling to maintain short term comfort.


Message 4: Commit to a Month of Mastering Your Routines

Commit to one month of building a few new habits. Start with a basic routine you are certain you can commit to. This routine is only the first step in changing your life. It is the backbone of the successful beast you are constructing.


  • Wake up at (consistent time each morning)
  • 10 minutes meditation
  • Complete everything on to do list
  • Write to do list for next day
  • Reward yourself
  • Go to bed at (consistent time each night)

Notice this is a very simple plan. It’s only meant to help you get started developing new habits. You don’t even need to wake up at 6 am or earlier each morning. You could wake up at 10 each day as long as you wake and sleep at consistent times.As you adapt to this new routine, you can add on to it as necessary.

Message 5: Delete Negative Routines and Distractions

It would be nice if you could just delete destructive routines from your mind. But you’ve built them for a reason. They gave you pleasure in the past, but at the cost of your potential.

Consider eliminating any routines and bad habits that hold you back. Take a look at your life and be honest about distractions you could eliminate. There are likely apps and games on your phone you could live without for instance.

You might not yet believe it but the distractions that hold you back won’t be as seductive after a few weeks building new habits. Don’t get stuck in a downward spiral of laziness. Imagine the ideal version of yourself real did send you a plan to optimize your life. Would you ignore it?


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