Welcome to the Evolve To Win approved resources page.

Here you’ll find the best tools and books I recommend to enhance your mind, body, and success in life.

Please note:  If you are committed to improving your life these items can help you. However some of these are expensive so only buy what you think you need. 

Increase Strength. Build Your Ideal Body

Muscle Gaining secrets 2.0 – Effective mass building for skinny guys

   Strength Training Anatomy            

Game Plan Testosterone Booster
Modern food and lifestyle is terrible for modern man’s testosterone levels. Supplementation can be helpful.

   A1 Complete Supplement stack 

This includes Gold Standard Whey, Best BCAA, My favorite pre-workout, Animal PAK multivitamin for serious weight lifters, and more.

Check it out

Nitro Tech Whey Isolate + Lean Muscle Builder 
A quality protein powder that includes BCAAs, creatine and other useful ingredients to supplement your workouts.

Mind Power

  – For when you really need to focus.

It helps you focus, get things done, and improve mood. It isn’t addicting, and has no side effects. 

Unlimited Memory
Memorize anything

The Leading Brain Powerful Science Based Strategies for Achieving Peak Performance

Boost Your Brain
optimize your brain

Enhance Awareness

Power vs. Force, David Hawkins
The hidden determinants of human behavior.

Letting go, David Hawkins
Techniques for overcoming oppressive emotions.

Boomeritis, Ken Wilber
A novelized discussion on Spiral Dynamics.

More Books