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If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you?
Not much.

– Jim Rohn

Do people see you as a winner?

If not, do you wish you had the confidence to take the actions necessary to change everyone’s opinion of you?   

I’m Adam Rockman. Author of Social Confidence Mastery, and 10 Days to Lifetime Self-Discipline. I offer confidence coaching for people who are ready to become winners. 

This is much more than regular confidence coaching that makes you approach a few strangers to get over mild social anxiety. Sure, I’ve coached many guys to successfully do that, but this program isn’t just about getting a little more confidence. This is confidence coaching for people who want to master every challenge they face. This is confidence coaching for people who have finally decided to become winners.

What that really means: 

Lots of results so you finally have mountains of valid reasons to believe you are successful, and confident. Those limiting beliefs about being a loser will melt away because that just won’t be who you are anymore.

If you really want the confidence of a winner,
then you have to start winning. 

I help you build a new lifestyle that reinforces the positive belief that you are actually succeeding at the goals you care about.

A Winner’s Mindset Is Just
A Normal Human Mindset

What I mean by the statement above is that the winner’s mindset is the normal state of mind we start life with. The loser’s mindset, however, is created by social programming, traumatic experiences, and low self-worth. 

I’ll help you work through all that BS so you can finally get back to believing in your potential. From there, we’ll create new habits that finally help you start succeeding.

I will help you overcome limiting beliefs so you can happily express yourself in any situation and develop a comprehensive life goal plan.

All you have to do is schedule a FREE Skype Consultation so we can see if this coaching program is suitable for your specific situation. 

I’ll be honest. I’ve coached hundreds of men and though most do see permanent improvements in their confidence and life goals, some just aren’t ready to seriously try. This isn’t a magic pill, you will have to do the work. 



I've overcome many fears and I want to help you do the same. Read my book Social Confidence Mastery.


Critical thinking, strategy, memory, and focus.


Increase strength and endurance. Test the limits of your physical potential.
Evolve To Win

Evolve To Win

The psychology of winners, winning mindsets, and habits that create winners.
Enhance Awareness

Enhance Awareness

Master your thoughts, emotions, and connection to your life purpose.
Accomplish Your Goals

Accomplish Your Goals

Get help overcoming distractions and finally get stuff done.

8 Steps

Learn the 8 steps I successfully use to
conquer all my fears.


How to start believing in a confident version of yourself

Permanent Confidence

How to maintain that confidence in every situation.

Free Confidence Toolkit

Join the Evolve to Win Tribe to overcome fears and accomplish goals with thousands of other members.
Join the Evolve to Win Tribe to overcome fears and accomplish goals with thousands of other members.


How to relax in stressful situations.


With less stress and fear you will increase energy

Do What You Want

How to finally live the life you want.

These books cover everything you need to know to build confidence, crush your goals, and become exactly who you want to be. The information in these books work best in combination with each other. 

You can read them in any order, but here is my recommended order:

1. Goal Setting: the proven plan for Achieving Personal and Career goals.
Discover the effective strategies for setting goals so you actually get results! It’s also free so get it now!

2. 10 Days to Lifetime Self-discipline
Learn how to build new habits that will change your life. Includes a sample 10 day plan you can use as a template to start building the habits of the new you!

3. Testosterone: Boost Masculinity
Increasing testosterone naturally gives you more energy and confidence.
This book is free so get it now.

4. Focus For Winners
Once you start to develop productive habits, you might need extra advice for eliminating distractions and procrastination.

5. I don’t F***ing Care! How to Stop Caring what People Think About You
Worrying about social approval is natural. But it doesn’t need to prevent you from being yourself. This is a common problem with my clients, so if you worry to much what people think of you, then get this book.

6. The Fearless Life: Confidence is a Choice
This novel demonstrates the importance of investing in confidence versus fear in every situation.

7. 10 Days to Superhuman Confidence
It’s been called “The Manifesto of Confidence.”
A 10 day course that helps you build confidence in every area of your life.

8. Social Confidence Mastery
This is definitely the most life changing book on this list.
It’s a thorough plan for handling every social fear you can think of.
If you want confidence in every social situation then READ THIS BOOK!

FREE Productivity Toolkit

The 5 Apps I use to Kill Lazy Habits,
Including The one I used to
Double My Income in 1 Month.


What Kind of Beast Are You?

Just for fun I’ve divided The 5 stages of ambition into different types of beasts.
Which are you?

Is your Beast Mode even on?

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100 books every man should read

100 Books Every Man Should Read
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10 best exercises for winning fights

10 Best Exercises For Winning Fights
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