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What Level of Beast Are You?


I know what you are thinking.

But no, this is not another one of those meaningless quizzes that tell you which flavor of fried chicken feet you are.  So apologies to all the trolls who saw the title and got ready to get high off of shitting on other people's fun. 

This is a quiz based on my popular article, The 5 Stages of Ambition and Self-Growth.  Just for fun, I've associated each of those stages of development with a different type of beast to help you visualize what it means for you.

It's only 12 questions now but so far it does seem to accurately indicate which stage someone is at and what challenges they should work on to move up to the next stage.  When you get to the end you'll get a brief description of which stage you are likely at. If you want to see the full detailed page that explains the meaning of that stage and how it can help you, then enter your email in the provided form.   

If you just take this quiz to see which beast you are but don't go to the full results page.... well, then I guess you just aren't interested in how this entertaining quiz could actually offer you value. So... Good luck with your life I guess.   

Again, this is just entertainment with a connection to actual self-development stages. Don't take it too seriously and have a little fun.


What are you more likely to do when someone disrespects you?

1. Get Revenge
2. Do nothing. I have more important things to do.
3. Point out all the flaws in their atrocious behavior
4. Get angry and try to create a mob to ruin their life.
5. Depends on the situation and if the level of disrespect is even worthy of my response.

When going to the Gym Which of the following most describes you?

1. Gym? I don't go to the gym and almost never exercise.
2. I dominate all the puny losers with poor form who hog the mirror taking their retarded selfies. They should get out of my way!
3. I do some light exercise once in a while but I'm not a gym freak.
4. I go to the gym several times a week.
5. I exercise specifically the muscles I need to train and constantly research the best exercises to do it.

Which of these is closer to your view of reality?

1. Attack first or die!
2. I'm afraid of making mistakes.
3. I'm logical and ambitious. Illogical and lazy people make me uncomfortable
4. Borders, visas, and passports are all arbitrary bullshit and should be abolished NOW!
5. I see myself as just a human being! visas, passports, and borders are just made up bullshit to keep us separated from each other. BUT, they have their uses and abolishing them all too quickly is dangerous. They should slowly be phased out as human society matures enough to do that.

Which of these describes your approach to online dating?

1. I don't need online dating because I already have an exciting social life and meet plenty of the kinds of people I want to meet.
2. I recognize that when a girl puts phrases like "no hookups" in her profile she is actually saying,"I hook up with almost everyone, but you have to have a minimum of social skills and a sense of humor to convince me you are more interesting than wasting my time at home if you want me to go on a date with you."
3. Online dating? I prefer to wait until I meet the right girl and she is willing to date me.
4. Shotgun approach on Tinder: swipe yes on all of them just to see how many attention whooooores I can get on a date

What do you think about sexism in the workplace?

1. Women shouldn't be paid as much as men because they are always late, complain and generally don't work as hard as men. They are also a distraction. I just want to get my work done but Janet's boobs are too big and I can't focus
2. I just do my work, I never even think about stuff like that.
3. Sometimes sexism in the workplace is necessary. Such as preventing women from doing work they aren't strong enough to do.
4. sexism is a serious issue and people should be careful what they say to avoid offending sensitive little women.
5. All forms of discrimination are opportunities for humanity to collectively discuss the best ways for us to treat each other. However, I never get emotionally attached to those discussions.

Which of the following best describes your current goals?

1. Get rich and gain everyone's respect by any means necessary
2. Keep going to school or work. Following the rules makes me feel safe. Someday I'll be rewarded for all my efforts.
3. I have detailed goals for my health, career, relationships, and more. I have started pursuing these goals.
4. My goals concern improving the world, people or the environment
5. I have massive visions for how I want to change the world, but first I will focus on optimizing myself

Which of these best describes your leadership style?

1. Everyone better listen to what I have to say! I'm always right!
2. I delegate tasks, aren't afraid to tell people what they need to improve and care mostly about results.
3. i'm more of a follower than a leader
4. I like having followers and having those followers listen to everything I say
5. I know how to lead different people who may have vastly different motivations.

Aliens attack your town. What do you do?

1. Get out my best weapons, call my crew and kill as many as I can
2. Follow the media's suggestion to hide in the basement as long as possible.
3. First assess if the aliens are actually a threat before attacking. Then, get a team of experts together to come up with a plan to fight back.
4. Try to make friends with the aliens because I love all beings in the universe equally no matter what.
5. After a deep contemplation of my options, I decide Earth is a lost cause and I've already gained as much knowledge from this tiny planet as possible. I gather as many supplies as I can, anyone who wants to come with me, and hijack one of their ships and set off on a new adventure.

How are you contributing to society?

1. A better question is how can society contribute to me! come on society! Give me money, girls and a little excitement for once!
2. I work a normal job , or studied/am studying a normal major in university. I contribute by doing that socially approved work and not going berserk and pillaging the Earth like my viking ancestors.
3. I create businesses that provide the value people want or need.
4. I increase awareness to the causes I care about
5. I don't feel the need to contribute to society. I'm NOT lazy and selfish. I just realize that society will slowly evolve on its current trajectory with or without my help. However, when I have a good idea I like to see how far I can take it.

Which of these Do you most Want to Learn?

1. Martial Arts. I have to defend myself from all the crazy people out there.
2. Learn how con artists con people out of millions of dollars
3. Learn how to make more money and date more of only the type of women I want in my life.
4. Learn how to convince people to change their bad behavior
5. another language

Which of these super powers do you want?

1. Super strength and invincibility but you lose 5 pounds of muscle for every minute you feel angry.
2. Mind control but people know you used your powers to make then do what you want.
3. teleportation, but it only works when you are naked and singing loudly. Doesn't matter what you sing or how well.
4. kill people with your mind, but every time you kill a target, a random person in the world also dies

What's your opinion on what other people think about you?

1. Only My opinion matters. I never care what anyone thinks!
2. I often worry about offending other people. I often don't say what I'm thinking in front of people who intimidate me.
3. I usually don't care what people think about me. But if they have a valid point i'll listen to constructive criticism.
4. Anyone who disagrees with me is an inconsiderate bigot
5. Lions don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. I don't waste my energy worrying about what people think about me. I just do what I know I need to do. But at the same time, I make an effort to not be an asshole.

All 12 questions completed!

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What Kind of Beast Are You?

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