Evolve To Win Coaching Confidence + Self-Discipline = Freedom

What will you do when you have more confidence?

Imagine having the courage to talk to anyone. Their beauty, intelligence, status, and power would no longer intimidate you and make you nervous. Instead, they will find you attractive and worry about impressing you.

You could finally start that business and learn new skills you’ve always wanted to learn. Instead of waking up reluctant to get out of bed each morning and exhausting yourself at a job that stresses you out, you could wake up full of energy because you know you are living a life you are passionate about.

I’ve helped many socially anxious clients overcome fears of failure and rejection. I know you might not yet believe in your potential to be confident and successful. But I believe you can. And i’m not just saying that to convince you to sign up for coaching. I say that because I’ve seen so many clients make progress and build confidence within a few days or weeks of our first coaching session.

My specialty is helping clients with social anxiety and bipolar build confidence and overcome fears of rejection and judgment.

A common factor in social anxiety is feelings of inadequacy that manifests in limiting beliefs such as, “I’m just not (cool, tall, smart, rich, interesting) enough to talk to her.”

I will help you replace these negative thoughts with more positive beliefs and help you figure out how to start building a life you can be proud of.

Imagine finally talking to anyone you want without fears of inadequacy. Imagine finally starting a new business, making new friends, and becoming exactly who you’ve always wanted to be. Most importantly you can finally throw out all that stress that’s been weighing you down. You’ll finally feel good about yourself. 

All You have to do is sign up for a coaching session. If you aren’t yet ready to buy, you can also Email me to arrange a FREE 10 minute Skype consultation to make sure we are a good fit to work together. Use the contact page on this site to send me your time zone and available times so we can arrange the free call. 

I look forward to talking with you,

Adam Rockman


I also recommend you read 
Social Confidence Mastery.
It guides you through:

       Developing confident body language
       How to be Assertive
       How to Overcome Social Anxiety
       Handling Rejection
       How to Handle Scary Situations
       How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
       And a lot more

  • I no longer fear rejection

    Adam's coaching helped me overcome my fear of rejection. Now I understand I don't need to be liked by everyone. It's great I can finally relax in social situations instead of worrying about being cool enough.

    I no longer fear rejection
    James Carlyle
  • My life is clearly improved.

    Adam helped me figure out my goals, and develop a plan to overcome my fears and worries. It was tough at first but it really helped me a lot. I was able to  start standing up for myself when handling difficult people.

    My life is clearly improved.
    Jeremy Ellison
  • Outstanding!

    Helped me get the focus back on meeting my goals!

    Daniel Strub
1 hour Coaching session $200

1 Hour Coaching session. I'll help you create a detailed plan to achieve your self-improvement goals.

+Send me your questions AND GOALS ahead of time

+1 on 1 consultation on Skype

+A Personalized Goal Plan E-mailed to you after call

2 Hours of Coaching $350

2 sessions of 1 hour each. Good for addressing your challenges and then following up on your progress.

+Send me your questions AND GOALS ahead of time

+1 on 1 consultation on Skype

+A Personalized Goal Plan E-mailed to you after call

+1 on 1 follow up call at least a week later to make sure you are making progress and to address challenges

3 Month Intense Transformation $900

6 Coaching sessions of 1 hour each. Twice a month we will go over your progress and address challenges.

+Send me your questions AND GOALS ahead of time

+Personalized Confidence Plan

+E-mail me questions anytime

+Free Copies of my new books