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How to Exercise for Maximum muscle mass, and Testosterone
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What to Eat for Maximum Testosterone
Extensive list of foods that are killing your Testosterone
Top 10 Most Effective Testosterone enhancing Supplements
How to fix Unhealthy Addictions that kill Testosterone
Top Psychological Tricks for Improving Testosterone
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If you are fat, suffer from low energy and high stress it can be difficult to enjoy life and pursue your goal. Being overweight and lethargic is a sign of low testosterone.

By increasing your testosterone you can gain muscle, lose fat, and become more attractive. Testosterone will completely transform your mind and body. Men with high testosterone have more motivation and confidence.

High testosterone correlates with low cortisol. The stress hormone cortisol kills your energy, motivation, and happiness. It compels you to hide away from life instead of facing it.

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This is for men who want the most important facts and tips to effectively increase testosterone.

Low testosterone can afflict men at any age.
Even if you think your testosterone levels are good there is still huge room for improvement.

In this book you will discover how to boost your sex drive, confidence, muscle mass, develop a six-pack, lose fat, grow more hair and improve your body in many ways.

You will also learn how to naturally improve energy, fix man boobs, prevent hair loss and how to be 10 times more attractive by increasing your testosterone.

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“I’ve been trying to lose weight and kick some bad habits off and on over the past few years. This is the first book that really motivated me to change. It isn’t just bland advice, it really motivated me to want to be a masculine man! I’m finally losing weight!”
– Tyler Lexington, reader

“I didn’t realize how much what I eat and do makes me the man I am. Every action causes hormonal changes that make me more or less of a man. This book scared the shit out of me. It made me realize I have to stop being a lazy ass zombie and I made me commit to fighting like a warrior to be as much of a man as I can be.”
– Mark Pilsner

“I’ve always had body image issues. I think it was my negative mindset that forced me to keep eating crap. It fueled my negative personality. I tricked myself into thinking I was unlovable. It was pathetic. After reading this book I realized my masculinity is my responsibility. I took the advice and noticed I was starting to look and feel better. I’ve even started dating a very cute girl. It’s nice to finally feel a little happier.”
– Matt Svenungson.

“Don’t give up on being a man. Every guy should read this book and feel motivated to change their life for the better.”
– Donald Robbins

Do You Have Enough Testosterone Yet?


Adam Rockman

Adam Rockman

If You want to kick the limiting beliefs out of your life then read Adam Rockman’s books. You’ll be forced to confront uncomfortable truths blocking your actualization. It’s worth it. Todays’ pain is tomorrow’s strength.

Rockman dedicates his writing to helping YOU see what YOU are actually capable of! It’s easy to squander potential when life throws threats at your freedom. You can still emerge from desperation and stop living the mediocre life you’ve accepted!